309A Construction and Maintenance Electricians

PTN Electrical incorporated in Canada in 2007 and has since grown exponentially. We service the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors, with a solid reputation for quality workmanship, excellent customer service and fair pricing.

We are always on the lookout for talented electricians; those that can bring the company to the next level as we constantly strive for excellence.

We offer an extremely positive working environment, where teamwork, involvement and thinking outside of the box is valued and rewarded. If you think that you have what it takes, we would like to hear from you. Please send your resume to tdoody@ptnelectrical.com

Electrical Apprenticeships

Great news on the Electrical Apprenticeship front! The Ontario College of Trades recently increased the permitted ratios of apprentices to electricians. This gives electrical contractors the opportunity to sign on an increased number of apprentices. This is very good news for anyone eager to learn the electrical trade. It is also excellent news for the industry as a whole. As our population ages, it is absolutely essential that our existing talent pool hand over their experience to the next generation of electricians.

Being signed on as an Electrical Apprentice is the first step. The average apprenticeship takes around five years, including classroom time, so it is important that candidates have the right commitment level. But if you think this is a career you want to invest your life in, we are always pleased to hear from potential candidates. You show us that you have what it takes and we will lead you to a bright future.

Please send your resume to tdoody@ptnelectrical.com