About Us

Paul Doody is the founder and president of PTN Electrical Solutions Limited, which has been incorporated in Canada since July 2007. Paul has been in the electrical industry since 1985, serving his electrical apprenticeship under John Shaw and Company in Hull, Yorkshire, England.

Between 1985 and 2004, Paul gained valuable experience with an assortment of electrical and engineering organizations, working at a number of world class production and manufacturing establishments. Paul met his wife, Toni, at one of those establishments, BAE Systems, during the state-of-the-art revamp of their design, manufacturing and structural test facility at Brough in 1997.

Paul worked in a supervisory capacity, troubleshooting, installing and carrying out preventative and general maintenance for industrial, commercial and residential electrical projects during his career in England. Toni worked as a personal secretary for a number of high-flyers during her eighteen years with BAE Systems, spending her final years with the company in public relations and communications, where she specialized in the company's innovation program.

When Paul and Toni had their first son, Nathaniel, it changed everything, as only a newborn can, including their perspective. And that’s what led them to start a new life, immigrating to Canada in 2004.

Shortly after arriving in Canada, Paul attended Fanshawe College and passed his Certificate of Qualification (Electrician, Construction and Maintenance, 309A). He worked for a local electrical contractor in London, Ontario, where he worked hard to integrate his knowledge and skills within the Canadian electrical system. He passed his Master Electrician’s examination in November 2006.

Following three years of intensive learning and fast-tracking, he was ready to continue as a leader in the electrical field. And so Paul and Toni incorporated PTN Electrical Solutions Limited in July 2007, with the intention of slowly building a company that people could trust in. This came just a year after the birth of their second child, Elliott.

Since those early years of PTN Electrical, Paul and Toni have worked hard shaping the company into what it has become today, with Paul building an incredibly flexible and multi-talented team of electricians and apprentices. The company has fostered an extraordinary reputation with its loyal customers, delivering quality, electrical services safely, on time and cost, and to a standard that is second to none.

PTN Electrical are continually adapting and evolving their service to be the very best, because no matter what the size of the job, every customer deserves the very best.

Did you know?

PTN stands for Paul, Toni and Nathaniel with Elliott standing for the Electrical part of the name. The trust the dial logo came from Paul’s early days in the industry, when analogue volt meters were all the rage, and before digital technology hit the market.

By putting your trust in the dial, you are putting your trust in the hands of PTN Electrical. We will not disappoint.