Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a proven, noninvasive technology used in the electrical industry as a way of detecting defects quickly and efficiently. The thermal infrared cameras measure infrared or thermal energy. Pictures are created from heat rather than light, detecting heat in objects warmer than absolute zero.

Non-compliant electrical systems or breakers, improper hook-ups and aging electrical components all generate increased heat. Thermal images can help you detect problems and take steps to prevent further damage and ultimately save money.

This technology is proving to be an extremely useful tool for preventative maintenance as well. Problems with electrical systems are not always visible to the naked eye. But by using a thermal imaging camera on the interior and exterior walls, or on equipment and machinery, you can look for potential problems.

Being forewarned about the possibility of defects down the line, allows an organization to be forearmed. Repairs or replacements can be made before downtime affects production, services or deliveries and ultimately profitability.

It is also a useful tool when dealing with insurance companies, who are requesting thermal imaging reports more often these days before agreeing to insure a building. But on a positive note, your insurance premiums can fall, if all is well with the building.

PTN Electrical offers a full range of diagnostic tools including thermal imaging to troubleshoot any areas that may concern you, with a view to repairing or scheduling preventative maintenance.

We specialize in our ability to provide a ‘one stop shop’ as we are able to conduct thermal imagining, provide written reports and undertake the required repair work, under strict arc flash health and safety policies. This ability is another reason why PTN Electrical offers more than our competition.