Flexible and dedicated work ethic to exceed an ongoing customer’s satisfaction at an emergency call.

We received an emergency call late one autumn evening to troubleshoot the loss of power to the hotels outside lighting, which included the car park, the security and safety lighting and signage. There were a couple of concerns by management that late arrivals would have difficulty finding the hotel without signage and customer safety would be at risk due to loss of power to the lights.

The outside lighting circuit was traced and verified and two faults were found on the lighting controls, at the time of the inspection. The most cost effective and timely solution was to override the lighting contactor to regain power to the external lighting and signage as a temporary measure.

To save the customer money, it was decided to return the following morning to repair the cause of the power loss during regular working hours. PTN Electrical is always conscious of keeping to the scope of work required to keep costs to the customer to a minimum.

Strangely enough on the electrician’s way home he was called to another emergency at the Lambeth Foodland following a vehicle impact.